Terms and Conditions


BUYERS WITHIN RESTRICTED STATES SHALL PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING: All State Required ID/PERMITS (Drivers License, FFL, Gun Permit, etc.) should be provided within 48 hours of placing your order!

The Driver's License number and photo can be blacked out for security.

You must forward required documentation to info@ammomenllc.com or fax to (855) 326-7573 before we will ship any products.

By placing an order for restricted items, you are verify that you are at least 21 years old, have no felony convictions, that you are in compliance with Federal Law 18U.S.C.922 (D)-(1)-(9), and in compliance with all Federal and State regulations that apply.

Please note the following State restrictions:

ALASKA: No Ammunition Sales

CALIFORNIA: No Ammunition Sales to: City of Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco or Marin County California. Buyer should check their Local & State laws before ordering.

CONNECTICUT: Ammunition Eligibility Certificate or Gun Permit and State Issued ID/DL

HAWAII: No Ammunition Sales

ILLINOIS: FOID Card and State Issued ID/DL- No Ammunition Sales to Cook County

MASSACHUSETTS: No Ammunition Sales

NEW JERSEY: Firearms ID and State Issued ID/DL

NEW YORK: No Ammunition Sales

WASHINGTON DC: No Ammunition Sales


Cancelled Orders

You may cancel an order placed on the Web-site within 2 hours of placing it. Please email info@ammomenllc.com within the 2 hour time frame to avoid any fees. If you cancel the order after 2 hours and it has been processed through our system, but has not been shipped you will be charged a 10% order processing fee. This fee is to cover the time and labor it takes to process an order and Credit Card Processor fees. If you cancel an order that has shipped, then you will be charged a 10% restocking fee, $15.00 per package for a UPS intercept fee and return shipping back to us, which will be the amount of the shipping you originally paid. UPS charges us the intercept fee and the return shipping, so we are in no way profiting from these charges.

If you do not receive everything that you ordered or you receive the wrong item:

Every order that is shipped from our warehouse is triple checked, electronically verified and digitally recorded, but we are human and still make mistakes. If this happens please follow the directions below.

Contact us at: customerservice@ammomenllc.com or fax (855) 326-7573 

If you are missing merchandise we will regenerate the order and check our inventory. Every order is electronically verified and digitally recorded. If everything checks out that it left here with the product in the box, then we will file a claim with UPS for the missing merchandise. UPS will investigate the shortage and will contact you to examine the package. We will then ship you out the missing merchandise and we will pay the shipping.

If we determine that we left the merchandise out of the package then we will immediately send you out the missing merchandise and we will pay the shipping.

If we sent you the wrong item we will ship you the correct item with a return label for the wrong item. We will pay for all shipping costs.

If you receive what you ordered but the product is defective:

AMMOMEN LLC does not manufacture any ammunition. We are only  a dealer and/or distributor for the products we sell. We can only ensure that we send you what you purchase and will guarantee that you will receive the item you pay for. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to guarantee their product against defects, blemishes, and non functionality and our responsibility to guarantee that you will get what you pay for.

When we receive the claim form from UPS we will ship out your replacement.

The picture of the box of ammo on the web page is different then what I received?

Manufacturers have the right to change their packaging without consulting us. Most of the time we don't even know it changed until we get the new packaging in. The pictures on the webpage are a representation of how the box may look. It is in no way a guarantee of the size, shape or color of box you will receive. We will guarantee that you will receive the type of ammo you purchased. 


We do not accept returns on ammunition.

Credit Card Chargebacks

If you dispute your credit card transaction, we will provide the card company with copies of your order history and delivery information, to aid in rebuttal of the disputed charge. If the chargeback is ruled in our favor and reversal issued, you will be charged the $30. service fee, that we received when the chargeback was filed.

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